September 15, 2017

Sen. Wielechowski Urges Governor to Include SJR1 in Special Session Call

Today, Senator Bill Wielechowski (D-Anchorage) sent a letter to Governor Bill Walker requesting that he put the question of enshrining the Permanent Fund Dividend in the Alaska Constitution to the people by adding it to the call of the upcoming special session [SJR1]. Governor Walker is scheduled to call the legislature back for its fifth special session, which is slated to begin on October 23 in Juneau.

“We have tried every means available legislatively and through the judicial branch to protect and preserve the permanent fund dividend for the people of Alaska. It’s time to let the people decide,” said Senator Wielechowski. “Alaskans deserve fiscal stability and certainty. The PFD keeps tens of thousands of Alaskans out of poverty and off government services, and it bolsters our private sector economy. This is the time, and this action is our last chance to keep the dividend for the people, as it was intended. Listening to the will of the people is the least elected officials can do on a matter of this importance.”

A copy of the letter is linked [here].

Members of the press with questions may contact Alaska Senate Democrats’ Press Secretary Jeanne Devon at 907-269-0129.